In case of emergency …

As I was in my daily Scripture reading the other day, I was in Deuteronomy 19 and the stories of cities of refuge (sanctuary cities) seemed to jump off the page. The thought I had was that since God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, is it possible that since He provided cities of refuge as described in the Old Testament, it is possible that He has set aside cities of refuge for us today, especial as I believe we are close to entering the last days?

The last days I’m referring to are the last 7 years, the tribulation, before Jesus returns (His 2nd coming). I personally believe that if Christ will “rapture” His Children it will be in the middle, or near the middle, of this 7 year period (in an upcoming blog I’ll address the tribulation in more detail). Assuming a mid-tribulation rapture, Christians will have to live through 3.5 years of great distress, but I believe that God’s favor and protection will be on and over His cities of refuge.

I don’t know which cities these might be, but if there are to be cities of refuge, I believe that there will be clues (evidence) to which cities might be. One such city that I wonder about is the city I live in which is Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’ve wondered what He is up to by bringing so many (50+) ministries to be headquartered here and I’ve wondered if He has brought all of these ministries here for the sole purpose of protecting them from the future turmoil.

Some might say, “do we really need to know” and I would say yes. For example, ever time you fly you listen to the talk before the flight describing where the exits are and what to do in case of an emergency. If you are in a movie theater there are the big green “Exit” signs so you know where to go in case of an emergency. In a tall building there are signs directing you where to go (and not go) in case of an emergency.

Now imagine finding yourself somewhere where there were no signs and directions on where to go in case of an emergency and there was a true life emergency. In that moment you won’t have time to hunt around and search out where to go in case of emergency and there is a high probability that you won’t make it out of the building alive because you wouldn’t know where to go.

How many of you have an emergency kit in your car so if you are driving, for example, in the mountains and your car breaks down you have some food and water to sustain you until rescue comes. I’m sure that most of you have made other “emergency” plans (insurance, retirement, cell phone, etc.), so doesn’t it also make sense to plan ahead to know where you would go in case of an emergency?

If there is a rapture and it occurs in the middle of the tribulation, do you know where you would go when the tribulation begins? Or if there is some natural disaster, do you know where you would go? If not, may I suggest that you go to God and ask Him where you should go while there is still time.

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