The flood is coming

The flood is coming and most are not at all prepared. I see a small stream wide enough such that many people are standing with one foot on one side and the other foot on the other side. It is a comfortable place to be with one foot in the world and the other in their Christian faith. It is a clear day and all looks to be good and safe, but unknown to most is that high up in the mountains is a raging thunder storm. I say it is unknown to most because only a few have open eyes to see and open ears to hear and they both see and hear this storm.

Those that see and hear may not know exactly when the flood will make its way down to this small stream, but they are prepared by picking a single side of the river to stand on (Christ’s side) and not only that, they have started to move up the bank of this stream to distance themselves from the coming flood (which also means they are distancing themselves from the ways of this world).

Sadly most are happy to have a foot on both sides thinking that if a flood comes they will have plenty of warning and lots of time to move but all are sadly mistaken because the flood will come upon them like a thief in the night and at the least expected time.

I’ve wondered about the “great falling away” the Bible talks about where in the last days many Christians will “fall away” from their faith, but in the context of this stream, many Christians have compromised their faith and without realizing it are not just straddling this stream, they are heavily leaning towards the worlds side. So when (not if) the flood comes, if a person has a fraction of a second to react, they will naturally “fall away” from Christ since they are already mostly on the worlds side of the stream anyway and so will jump in that direction for safety from the flood. And many will just get washed away outright.

What is interesting is that for those straddling the stream or standing on the worlds side, this flood will be a very bad thing. For those standing on Christ’s side, this flood will actually be a good thing.

Are you ready for the coming flood? Are you prepared? Are you alert enough to have eyes to see the storm and hears to hear it? Even if you can’t see or hear the storm, are you observing what other Christians around you are doing? Are you seeing the Christians standing on one side of the stream (Christ’s side) and starting to move up the bank away from the stream? Which side of this stream are you standing on? Are you one straddling it falsely believing that you will have plenty of time to make a decision?

Don’t wait until the flood is upon you because by then it will be too late. Decide today which side you need to stand on. I encourage you to pick the side of Christ.

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