Hitting the reset button on the world

Many of us have experienced the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) that appears on Windows computers from time to time and the solution when the system gets to this stage is to hit the computers reset button so the computer will reboot and start over.

Here in the USA the Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped 14% in just the past month and the financial climate in Greece and Spain and numerous other countries around the world are equally tenuous with many on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse. Yes, many will say that this is no big deal and a recovery will soon be seen, but what if there isn’t a recovery?

Long term, I don’t believe that a recovery will be seen. A world wide BSOD is, I believe, just around the corner and the solution that many will propose is we (the world) need to “hit the reset button” resetting the financial markets around the world and starting over. Since we would be starting over, many will naturally suggest that the world use a single, one world, currency because that would make things so very much simpler to buy and sell things. And of course it will also be suggested that all world debts (money owed by one country to another) would be eliminated so no country would be indebted to another allowing all countries to “reboot” at the same level.

This may not sound like a bad thing, but the assumption being made is that the exchange rate to the new currency will be equal and fair for all people around the world. I believe that in an attempt to make the world more “fair” and even, and since many around the world have a large hate of the United States of America, the exchange rate from US dollars to the new world currency will be half, a quarter, an eighth, or less, of what the exchange rate will be for everyone else in the world. Or there will be an upper limit on how much money can be exchanged with everything above this limit lost. For example, regardless of how much money you might have in the bank, 401K, IRA or in your house, only a fraction of it could be exchanged (say a max of $100,000 of all your assets) leaving the excess to be lost. All in the name of equalizing what people around the world have. If this type of “equalizing” happens, it will not be fair.

The Bible is very clear about what the world will look like in the last days (the days before Jesus Christ’s return) and it is very possible (and some might say likely) that the above scenario aligns very nicely with what the Bible describes.

A time is quickly approaching (I believe measured in months) when we, the people of the USA, will be faced with a decision on who, or what, we are placing our hope, trust and faith in. Many have and are placing their hope, trust and faith in their IRA/401K, the stock market or their bank accounts. The Bible is very clear that we are not supposed to lean on our own understanding, but rather we are to lean on the Lord Jesus Christ and to trust Him and only Him.

If you don’t already know Jesus Christ, and I’m not talking about knowing about Him, but rather knowing Him like you know your spouse, a family member, or your best friend, then I strongly suggest and encourage you to get to know Him because only He will be able to guide you and to direct your steps in the coming days.

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