Why is it?

Why is it that Christians so often pray for the Lord to ‘come near’ without realizing what it is they are actually saying by praying that?

What people who pray this are admitting is that they are some place the Lord is not. What a horrific thing to admit. Why would any Christian choose to be some place He isn’t.

Henry Blackaby, in ‘Experiencing God’, describes the correct perspective:

Find out where God is at work and join Him there.

We should not so separate ourselves from the Lord that He has to come to us, rather we need to be where He is. We accomplish this by having open eyes, ears, and heart to see, hear, and know where He is working so we then can go where He is.

It is selfish and “me” centered to ask the Lord to come to us when it is us that needs to come to Him.

I would much rather be in the center of His Will than outside of it which is what the above prayer is saying.

So the next time you catch yourself praying for God to ‘come near’, look around and see where He is and then you ‘come near’ to Him (not the other way around).

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