Open Doors

The Lord has taught me two lessons concerning open doors and both are something I’d like to share.

The first was about 8 years ago when I was unemployed and I had an interview with the head of an Arizona ministry.  He was in town and we meet for breakfast and as we talked it was clear that I had all of the skills he needed.  It was so clear to him that he started saying that when he got back to Az. he would send me the paperwork to get me hired.  I had a check in my spirit, though, and I mentioned to him that I would need to pray about this job opportunity.  I’ll never forget what he said which was, “What is there to pray about.  This is such an obvious open door, you just need to walk through it.”  I insisted on praying about it, which I did later that morning and I felt the Lord say,

Yes this door is open, but not all open doors are meant to be walked through and this specific door is not open for you, but for the person behind you.

Wow!  So simple, yet something I’d never heard talked about or preached about before.  Usually I’ve heard it said that if a door is open, you just need to walk through it.

The second lesson was just a few months ago and relates to the first lesson.  I was thinking about open and closed doors and I felt the Lord say,

You pray for Me to open doors that need to be opened and to close doors that need to be closed, but the problem is you often walk through open doors before you pray that prayer and by the time I close the door, you have already walked through it so closing it won’t do any good.  Before you walk through an open door, you need to stop and pray and ask Me for guidance on what you should do.  Don’t just assume that since it is open you should walk through it.

It is so easy to just “assume” what we are to do without every praying about it, and if we pray about it, it is often after the fact (after we have already walked through the door).  We need to be like the little child that before touching something looks over their shoulder to see if mom and dad are either shacking there head no or nodding that yes it is OK to touch it.


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